Results – Bukit Unggul Country Club – 22nd December 2020

For the Xmas game we booked Bukit Unggul. We had 3 flights out and after a smooth registration and the traditional Xmas hat photo on the 1st tee box we all started well in time. The course was in an excellent condition with mostly good fairways and fine greens. The first flight including Tony took off as a rocket and we expected them to be in East of Highway by 10:30 am already. But then they got stuck behind a slow flight on the 2nd 9.


Flight one had all the top rankings of the day with Tony in 3rd place, followed by Helmut 2nd place and Ricardo winning today with an 80/39 score.

The lunch after the game was in East of Highway where Andrew organized some special Xmas arrangements. Andrew briefly memorized the Loose Cannons history and the dear members who are no longer with us. See his special report below. We wrapped up the year that has been a roller coaster for all of us and spoiling many of our plans. But luckily we were still able to play golf most of the time. And we even had our little away trip to JB. It was also good to see Hans attending the lunch. He is on the way back and we wish him a speedy recovery. Same for Andrew who hopes to be back on the course in 2021. As usual we had some very good food and a couple of Tigers did the rest.

A special thanks to the birthday contribution from Graham reaching the 70 milestone! Sorry that you had to receive another one of the LC sleeve of balls that you always seem to shoot into the jungle. Another special thanks to our ball sponsor Siggy, rewarded with a bottle. And to finish; a sleeve of balls for all the lunch attendees.  

Last game next week will be at Kota Seriemas. 
Merry X-mas, Martin

Annual Summary by Andrew Robinson

Dear Cannons
It’s been a funny old year with Covid all around us. But thankfully the Cannons are back out with their sticks and adhering to whatever rules are in place at the various courses. And Malaysia with barely 500 deaths so far has done rather well – UK with double the population approaching 70,000 deaths!

With our regular Xmas lunch venue, the venerable Coliseum, closed for renovations after some prevarication it was decided to have a more muted event in a private room at East of Highway after the regular Tuesday game at Bukit Unggul. 12 Cannons attended all wearing festive headgear – with Graham’s being the most eclectic!We paid tribute to those Fallen Cannons no longer with us, sadly 3 more this year. In chronological order we remember – Murray Preston, Gordon Wingate, Andre Holm, Roger Smith, Ray Funnell, David Hughes, Tom Holmes, Roger McGowan and Enzo Filoni.  Rest in peace gentlemen.

And then it was time to welcome the Virgins – being those Cannons members attending their first Xmas lunch – Helmet. Joseph, Siggi and Martin. Not being able to get them on the bar at the Coliseum we did manage to get them on chairs for a light dusting and serenading by Tony in his own inimitable fashion.And then open season with poppers and whistles – sadly many of the poppers were kaput so a new supplier will be sourced for 2021.

The food was more than adequate in quality and quantity and washed down with much cold Tiger.Martin and Ricardo made two special presentations – one a Certificate to Andrew recognising his long support to the group and reaching 500 games! And the other being a bottle of something nutritious to Siggi for kindly sponsoring balls.And so on to 2021 and  hopefully a vaccine in due time – to give us all a shot in the arm, no pun intended!

Wishing all Cannons, especially those still stuck overseas, a Merry Xmas and a Happy, Safe and prosperous New Year.

King regards,
Andrew Robinson


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

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