Results – Tasik Puteri – 15th December 2020

For the first game after the 2nd lockdown 14 LC’s gathered at Tasik Puteri. This course is normally in good shape but not this time…….. It had been raining heavily so the course was extremely soggy and on top of that the greens were off as well. So that was a bit disappointing. The good news about Tasik Puteri is that they heavily invested in safety; near every piece of water there are lifebuoys now!! WHY?? You can have a swim in between now while playing there…… They better put some more money in green maintenance. Only 3 members played their handicap or more and Tony (37) ran away with the victory today, followed by Mike and Robert both 36. Lunch after the game was at the club with only half of the group attending. We had to handle a few things like the October winner (Martin) and a couple of lockdown belated birthdays; Josef, Ricardo and Helmut all 3 rewarded with a sleeve of balls. Thank you all 3 for your generous contribution to the kitty. Next week we play Bukit Unggul followed by a Xmas lunch at East of Highway. 



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