Results for Nilai Springs Tuesday 13th March

17 LC’s assembled at Nilai Springs Tuesday having had to cancel the proposed visit to Berjaya Hills as they had closed one nine. We will try there again in a couple of weeks time.
The weather was good for golf but recent heavy rain had left the bunkers hard, rutted and with little sand. The greens were lightly sanded and rather slow for Nilai and because of the wet conditions buggies were restricted to the track but otherwise the course was in reasonable nick. When is this period of heavy rain going to end? This should be the dry season right now.
Again this week we were delayed by some very slow players ahead; Koreans I believe, a couple of 2 BALLS holding up a 4 BALL. The Marshall had to be called when 3 flights were waiting on one tee box. These Koreans are coming to Malaysia increasingly, particularly this time of the year when golf courses in Korea are frozen, and I suppose there’s not much we can do about it other than avoid the courses during the Korean winter that they frequent.
The winner was David Hughes with 43 points and the runner-up Hans Berger with 41 points. The lowest gross was shot jointly by John Laidley and newcomer Geoff McLaws with 82’s. The most golf was played by Ken Oakley with 117.
Welcome to Geoff McLaws and bon voyage Ken Oakley. He’s back to the states later this week.
David is cut 7 strokes (which will bring his handicap back to where it belongs) and Hans 1 stroke.

The full results can be found in the attachment or at the the Loose Cannons Blog at

Click on image to see more detail

Apres golf M&M was taken at the club house which is becomming an expensive venue. With no exesses so far as I could see our bill came to a whopping RM702.
The NORTHERN TOUR to IPOH March 26th – 29th.
So far there are 9 confirmed for the full trip and 2 or 3 others planning to go for 1 or 2 nights.
If you have not yet signed up for this tour please do so now to Andrew Robinson < (at)>

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