Results – Tasik Puteri – 19th October 2010

There was a good turnout for Tasik Puteri this week with 15 starters. Check-in was a slow affair with the computer down and the Doris on duty not being the sharpest pencil in the box…….!
Winner was Tom Holmes with 96 off  the stick for 43 points and cut 7.  Second was Tony Morris with 94 for 37 points and cut 1.  The lowest gross was Andrew Robinson with 89 and the most golf was played by Ian Geekie with 112.  Full details:
1. Tom Holmes – 96/43
2. Tony Morris – 94/37
3. Andrew Robinson – 89/34
4. Sigi – 101/34
5. Mahomed – 95/32
6. Ray Funnel – 101/32
7. Hans Berger – 95/31
8. Klaus Kretschmar – 101/30
9. Alan Holgate – 109/30
10. Kevin Wiggins – 91/28
11. Erol Akinci – 104/27
12. Reinli Tan – 103/26
13. Richard Moss – 110/26
14. Ian Geekie – 112/23
15. Bernhard Romahn – 100/22
Lunch was taken at the Equatorial Restaurant where we celebrated Alan Holgate’s birthday – only 25 more years to go for a telegram from the Queen…..!  Alan generously donated RM100 to the kitty and a bottle of Oban Single Malt Whisky which was soon polished off – once the cork had been extracted!  Reinli kindly donated a bottle of Chivas adn several bottles of wine were in evidence alongside the beer, juices and so on.  Mike made a short address to Birthday Boy and we all stood and sang Happy Birthday, with certain Tony Morris embellishments.  Alan then responded with a very long-winded speech – ‘thankyou!’  There was one bottle of wine and half a bottle of Chivas left over and these have been added to the Cannons cellers for future consumption.


The were a couple of instances of late arrivals to mention.   Richard overslept and arrived an hour late at the course so missed the first couple of holes.  And Mohamed circumnavigated Rawang Town a few times on his way to the Equatorial…..  And Mike and Dick, who joined us for lunch, had apparently been shuttling backwards and forwards through tunnels on the way to the Equatorial?  They really should all instal Garfields?

The PINK LADY CHAMPIONSHIP on Friday 29 October has attracted 9 Cannons who have now all paid Reinli. On the day those over 55 will play off the white tees and Tom will play off the back tees!
The XMAS LUNCH is slated for Friday 10 December at the Coliseum and Mike/Andrew will progress matters accordingly.

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