Results – KGPA Golf Club – 20th November 2012


15 Cannons mustered for the weekly game at KGPA, a convenient venue that we had not played for some time. We had booked 4 flights for 8.30, the earliest time non-members can tee-off.  

The registration was a nightmare!! A rugby scrum at the desk which was manned by extremely inept and slow personnel.  Eventually getting ‘served’ I was asked to tear out the TP coupons from the 8 books proffered, to save time, said Doris No1.  So I did and then she disappeared only to be replaced by Doris No2 who told me the coupons were unacceptable as they had to tear them out of the books themselves! With my systolic blood pressure rising there was now a mini conference of Doris 1, 2 and 3.  And after some delay they said OK.  But Glens coupon was rejected as the bottom left hand corner of the coupon was missing!  So retrieving Glens book I tore out the missing corner and there was another mini Doris conference to confirm that this scrap of paper was indeed the missing corner?  Eventually approval was granted, by which time there were about a dozen others in the queue behind me. And then all the serial numbers on the coupons had to be carefully recorded on the flight chits.  And then all the assorted driving license, passports and so on for the remaining 7  Cannons had to be carefully added to the chits to obtain the ‘package rate’.  And then the whole lot had to be carefully fed into the computer……!!  Registration took 40 minutes, by which time flights were backed up on the starting blocks.  We got underway by 9.30 and finished some 5 hours later! On the positive side the weather was good and the course was in pretty fair nick considering the amount of rain of late. But it will be a long time before KGPA features again on the Cannons schedule.

13 of us made our way to the annexe for lunch – or was it high tea or early dinner?  Ray and Paul having had to rush off to important meetings.. The food was good when it arrived and a fair wack of beer/wine was knocked back.  Tony managed to have 2 meals – a mee mamak adn an unclaimed fish & ships.  And the germano-scandinavian axis tucked into hideous looking banana splits after their main course.

And then the plaintive cry went out…..’LISTEN UP!!’  And it was time to announce the winners.  Ray Funnell with 100 off the stick and 36 points edged Tony Morris, 95 off the stick for 36 points, OCB,  Well done Ray, you are cut 4 and Tony is cut 1. The lowest gross was Geoff McLaws with 86 and Allan McNicoll wrestled back the most golf played accolade with a solid 108. Full details as follows:

1. Ray Funnell – 100/36
2. Tony Morris – 95/36
3. Gordon Wingate – 95/33
4. Stuart Taylor – 98/33
5. Glen Wombwell – 106/33
6. Allan McNicoll – 108/33
7. Bernhard Romahn – 90/32
8. Kevin Wiggins – 95/32
9. Jeff Pearce – 101/32
10. Andrew Robinson – 100/31
11. Geoff McLaws – 86/30
12. Hans Berger – 96/28
13. Raymond Keys – 104/26
14. Paul Jeyaraj – DNF



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