Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 2nd February 2016


This seemingly straightforward and innocuous little Par 71 course can sometimes eat you up …. and this was one of those days with 20 Loose Cannons failing to conquer this course. Yes it’s a tight little course but today somehow balls were being lost left, right and even centre. The rough was deep and soft and just seemed to eat up balls …. even the fairway seemed to somehow magically camouflage balls making it very difficult to find them. The weather was good and predictably hot and humid as the morning wore on. The greens were in fairly good shape …. the problem appeared to be in reaching them!

We decided to play off the blue tees which is normally a good choice at this course as the white tees are normally located on the red tee boxes making it rather short on many holes. However today we found many of the blue tees were at the back where the black tees normally are making this even tougher than it needed to be.

We managed to tee off from two separate tee boxes and most were finished by around 1pm – then we headed to lunch at Rein Li Tan’s recommended restaurant Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Tiga– in the darkest depths of Puchong Utama. Some people had problems finding the restaurant and one member didn’t make it due to navigational problems. The consensus (at least on our table) that the food was not that great with the exception of the fish and it also seemed to be a real struggle to get a cold beer …… so perhaps not worth the hike from Kinrara.


The scores today certainly reflected how tough the course was playing with only two members breaking 100. Of note Bernard Romahn managed to score only two points more than the number of clubs in his bag ….. and he actually had the proper number of clubs in his bag this week! The winner today with a measly 32 points was Mike Smith with a gross of 101. Mike is cut 4 for this wonderful performance! Runner ups were the French duo of  Charles Blanchet (97 for 31 points) and Roger Surieux (104 for 31 points). Best gross of the day was Stuart Taylor with 95. Full results below :

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.29.51 PM







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