Results – Staffield Country Resort – 26th January 2016



Some lessons learned.

  1. More than 6 flights is difficult to manage. 6 flights will be the max in future.
  2. Latecomers disrupt registration. 7:30 is 7:30…..LATESTIn future registration will not be delayed to accommodate late comers.
  3. Slow play needs to be addressed. If you start to fall behind speed up your play. Keep in touch with the flight in front.

Having got that off my chest I can report that 27 LC’s teed it up at Staffield in cool conditions that gradually warmed up as the round progressed, but with relatively low humidity and a strong breeze that was a full club in the later stages, the conditions could not have been better. The course was in good nick as usual at Staffield; the only complaint registered was a preponderance of unrepaired footprints in some bunkers. This of course is not something Staffield ground staff can control. It’s a Malaysian golf disease that is catered for in the KLLC local rulesRead them!

When choosing a venue for any of our games I make a point of asking if they have any other large groups or competitions registered at the same time. Staffield told me that they had a 12 flight comp at 12:30 but made no mention of the 10 to 12 flight group with a 08:30 tee time. (They claimed that this was a later registration and were slotted in AFTER us.) Despite protests by yours truly this restricted us to a one tee start. This, together with some slow play by one of our flights, ensured that the last flight didn’t complete their round until about 2pm………6 hours after the first flight teed off.

This results in disruption of the lunch with the early flights having to wait a long time for the late comers to arrive. Fortunately yesterday the first 9 lunch takers (flights 1,2 & 3)ordered their grub and kept a separate bill. Good thinking guys. 

The WINNER of the January Trophy was Andrew Robinson with 93 for 42 points. Second place was Ted Parslow with 83 for 38 points and the lowest gross was a magnificent 76 by Jason Winter which included a double on the first after driving OB. Bernhard Romahn carded an 82 for 41 points but was disqualified for carrying 15 clubs in his bag; a breach of the rules that he has previously been cautioned about. We play to the rules guys.

The full results are attached.

Lunch was at East of Highway with 21 attendees but due to the long delay between the first and last arrivals (almost two and a half hours) many had eaten and left before the presentation. Not very satisfactory but understandable.

Next week’s game is at Kinrara GC which is a TP course

The following week is tentatively Kota Permai subject to confirmation of their CNY package and availability. (Yes, we will play on Tuesday if KP is available.)


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.45.03 PM





One thought on “Results – Staffield Country Resort – 26th January 2016

  1. David

    Well played Andrew and Bernard!
    Wish I was with you guys. I’m still struggling to get back to fitness after another hernia op.
    Hopefully we will be able to fly out early March. It depends on whether I get the all clear about the chances of another DVT.
    Fingers crossed I’ll be OK.
    Regards to all you guys in the sun!


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