Results – Staffield Golf & Country Resort – 28th October 2014


The Trophy Game for the month of November was held at Staffield Golf & Country Club. We had 19 players (5 flights) starting from split tee boxes on the North and Western 9’s. Weather was excellent and the course was in good shape. The greens on our first 9 holes (Western) were however very bumpy having just been cored and not properly rolled – the greens on the Northern 9 were better albeit sandy.

After the game most of us returned to the excellent Restoran East of the Highway for a sumptuous (and over-ordered) lunch care of Messrs Robinson and Moss


Scores were very good as is usual at this venue and more than half the field turned in a card with a score equal to or higher than their handicap. We had 3 people sharing best gross score of 79 this week (Geoff McLaws, Andrew Chez and Paul Geddes) but it was Paul Geddes who won this week picking up the November trophy with an excellent (and best performance to date in Malaysia) of 79 gross and 43 points – well done Paul. Runner up also with an excellent 41 points and gross of 90 was Allan McNicoll. Full scores are tabulated below.


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