Results – Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort – 17th March 2020

The ‘lock down’ game was played at Bukit Jalil. Registration went well and we managed to get senior rates for all 12 players. We welcomed 2 guests from Iain and Ted’s son James and also a “welcome back” for Charles. We all had to cue up for hole 1 but that didn’t take too long. The course was in a good condition and as always the greens were difficult to play resulting in only 1 member playing his handicap; the winner………MIKE WILLIAMS. Runner up Charles with 33 and shared 3rd Ted and Iain both 32 completed the list with more or less decent scores.

‘Slow starter’ Siggy managed to birdie the last 2 holes (33% of his total points) boosting his score to a bit more decent level.

Only 4 players came to East of Highway to have a last good lunch for a some time. Andrew joined as non playing guest. Good luck with your surgery next week Andrew. As always the food was excellent and so were the beers.

On another matter; I got a question with regard to the golf fees for the Tuesday game. The policy is (and has always been) that we usually charge RM 20/25 on top of the golf fee. This extra money is being used for:

-the weekly prize money

-surcharge payment buggy in case of 3 ball

-buying prizes / medals etc.

-some lunch contribution



Please find all scores and rankings below.

Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 6.20.42 PM

Players with their best two games in March and the monthly medal winner.

Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 6.20.51 PM

Since this is the last game of March due to the curfew we already have a winner for the monthly medal: Iain Wise. Congrats!! We will honor you as soon as things settle down a bit. We probably still have to limit the number of attendees for this ceremony to a maximum of 50. I’m awaiting instructions from the government with regard to this.


All photos provided by Ricardo Castro.



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