Results – Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort – 17th March 2020

The ‘lock down’ game was played at Bukit Jalil. Registration went well and we managed to get senior rates for all 12 players. We welcomed 2 guests from Iain and Ted’s son James and also a “welcome back” for Charles. We all had to cue up for hole 1 but that didn’t take too long. The course was in a good condition and as always the greens were difficult to play resulting in only 1 member playing his handicap; the winner………MIKE WILLIAMS. Runner up Charles with 33 and shared 3rd Ted and Iain both 32 completed the list with more or less decent scores.

‘Slow starter’ Siggy managed to birdie the last 2 holes (33% of his total points) boosting his score to a bit more decent level.

Only 4 players came to East of Highway to have a last good lunch for a some time. Andrew joined as non playing guest. Good luck with your surgery next week Andrew. As always the food was excellent and so were the beers.

On another matter; I got a question with regard to the golf fees for the Tuesday game. The policy is (and has always been) that we usually charge RM 20/25 on top of the golf fee. This extra money is being used for:

-the weekly prize money

-surcharge payment buggy in case of 3 ball

-buying prizes / medals etc.

-some lunch contribution



Please find all scores and rankings below.

Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 6.20.42 PM

Players with their best two games in March and the monthly medal winner.

Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 6.20.51 PM

Since this is the last game of March due to the curfew we already have a winner for the monthly medal: Iain Wise. Congrats!! We will honor you as soon as things settle down a bit. We probably still have to limit the number of attendees for this ceremony to a maximum of 50. I’m awaiting instructions from the government with regard to this.


All photos provided by Ricardo Castro.



Results – Bukit Jalil – 16th October 2018

15 LC’stook on Bukit Jalil yesterday and it turned out to be a very pleasant day’s golf.General agreement was that the course was in good condition despite the recent heavy rains with the greens running much truer than Seri Selangor last week.
Our smooth operator Ricardo helped to get us away very quickly and efficiently for a 2 Tee Box Start and also used his legendary negotiating skills to reduce the starting prices for us all significantly,leaving a nice kitty for lunch.Great job Ricardo.
Winner on the day was Ricardo himself with 83/37 just edging out Iain on countback  with 96/37. Kevin and Martin closely followed with 90/36 and 86/36 respectively
Hans is still on the treatment table so if you guys want a game next week somebody is going to have to step up to the plate and organize


Ricardo   12  83/37
Iain        25  96/37
Martin W 14  86/36
Kevin      18  90/36
Brian       28 101/35
Sigi         17   91/34
Tony        20  94/34
Martin B   23  98/33
Dave E     28 103/33
Kaz          20   95/33
Mike W     13   91/31
Graham    26  103/31
Ted           13  92/30
Stan          19 102/25
Jan            24 108/24

Results – Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort – 7th November 2017


With heavy rain all night and into the morning it was going to be a delayed start at Bukit Jalil today … but we did get off eventually after 9:00 am with all 5 flights off tee box 10. Our Convenor Hans could not play today due to back injury but was kind enough to be there to check us all in and then be there at the end for the lunch and results.

The course was in good condition and apart from the occassional bunker filled with water was in great shape. Course maintanance was ongoing as we played with staff cleaning up bunkers, blowing leaves with those noisy leaf blowers and even cutting new holes on the greens (albeit doing so between our flights meaning that the last flight played a different hole!)

We got round the 18 holes in reasonable time and all had lunch at the golfers terrace after the game. We had Sigi abandon playing before we even began because of the delayed start so we were down to 18 players. Bernard decided to abandon his game before the end of the round, probably as he was having a bad day so he was a No Return!!



We welcomed back Charles Blanchet to the group after a 6 month break back in France … the plentiful wine and good cheese must have done him good as he came back to win today with 93 for 35 points. Runner up was Paul Geddes and Stuart Taylor both on 33 points. Best gross was Paul Geddes with an 86 and most gross was by Peter May with a 116. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 4.46.49 PM



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Results – Bukit Jalil – 8th August 2017

It was cloudy and steamy day when 12 players teed’ off at Bukit Jalil today starting on the front 9 at 8:12 am. The course was as tricky as usual and the greens were running rather quickly generating quite a few multiple putts from all players. Flight one finished in 4 hours, but flight 2 and 3 they were quite slow causing some angry faces and some delay for lunch.
After the game we had lunch at the club with cool beers and quite a reasonable food for the club standard. Bernhard order seafood rice but the seafood was replaced with an succulent kampung chicken, and with a loud complaining from Bernhard they finally brought one more rice with 2 mussels on the top.


The clear winner today was Kaz Takita with an excellent 94 for 39 points. Runner up was Iain Wise with 95 for 36 points (with sleeping puts), Martin Belderink coming 3rd with 96 for 35 points. Ricardo was best gross of the day with his “excellent” 91 and Roger McGowan had the most golf played with 106 so he got his honorable ball to open the battle next week . Full results below :
Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.31.19 AM
Mini competition updated results after Bukit Jalil game as follows:
Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.31.59 AM


Results – Bukit Jalil – 1st November 2016


We had 5 full flights today under the temporary convenorship of Geoff McLaws at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort.

It has to be mentioned that Geoff McLaws is now an official Asian Senior Tour Pro with an official card …. so is now proudly playing off a scratch handicap with our group.

The changing rooms are currently under renovation therefore we were required to use the swimming pool changing rooms which were a long hike to the other side of the club – amazingly all players managed to find it eventually and make their way back to the starting area.

After a slow check in we eventually all got off on Tee Box No 1 as the second nine was being reserved for walkers therefore making it a slow start. Weather conditions were great –  cool and overcast making for pleasant playing conditions.

The course was in pretty good condition although some greens were variable in speed and somewhat bumpy in places.

Pace of play was not too bad so we all got finished by around 1:30pm and then took lunch at our favourite East of Highway Restaurant closeby.


The winner this week was Peter Kenyon with a gross of 96 and 38 points – cut 4. We had 5 players then tie-ing for 2nd place … all with 37 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 75.

Full results below:



Results – Bukit Jalil – 10th May 2016

23 LC’s teed off on time at a brutally hot & humid Bukit Jalil that played very long after torrential overnight rain. The weather conditions were as bad as I have ever experienced so far as the humidity was concerned and for  both Alan Holgate and Richard Moss it was too much and they wisely retired after 14 holes. Happily they appeared none the worse for wear after a couple of cold Tigers.
This was Cannons first visit to Bukit Jalil recently and will probably be our last as they made us start all 6 flights from TB1 as the back 9 is reserved for early morning member walkers. This is very disruptive to lunch. The course was in good condition but very soggy after the heavy overnight rain and resultantly very difficult with many high scores.
The winner was Iain Wise with 93 for 39 points. Iain is cut 4. The joint runners up were Peter Kenyon and Tom Holmes who both had 36 points. Lowest gross was 83 by Geoff McLaws.
Full results are attached below.
Bukit Jalil 10 May
Lunch was at East of Highway where Indarjit Singh was introduced to the group. The food was excellent and was washed down with 28 large bottles of Tiger which were subsidised by generous contributions from Andrew Robinson, Jeff Pierce & Hans Berger who were all celebrating recent birthdays. A small group remained as they were still thirsty and polished off another 4 large ones before leaving just before 4pm.