Results – Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort – 7th November 2017


With heavy rain all night and into the morning it was going to be a delayed start at Bukit Jalil today … but we did get off eventually after 9:00 am with all 5 flights off tee box 10. Our Convenor Hans could not play today due to back injury but was kind enough to be there to check us all in and then be there at the end for the lunch and results.

The course was in good condition and apart from the occassional bunker filled with water was in great shape. Course maintanance was ongoing as we played with staff cleaning up bunkers, blowing leaves with those noisy leaf blowers and even cutting new holes on the greens (albeit doing so between our flights meaning that the last flight played a different hole!)

We got round the 18 holes in reasonable time and all had lunch at the golfers terrace after the game. We had Sigi abandon playing before we even began because of the delayed start so we were down to 18 players. Bernard decided to abandon his game before the end of the round, probably as he was having a bad day so he was a No Return!!



We welcomed back Charles Blanchet to the group after a 6 month break back in France … the plentiful wine and good cheese must have done him good as he came back to win today with 93 for 35 points. Runner up was Paul Geddes and Stuart Taylor both on 33 points. Best gross was Paul Geddes with an 86 and most gross was by Peter May with a 116. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 4.46.49 PM



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