Results – Bukit Unggul – 16th January 2012

Cannons all,
Only 11 of us made it to BU last Monday. Good weather and the course was in OK condition but some of the greens were over watered and “soggy” rather than soft.
With everyone arriving in good time we were able to tee off on the dot of 8am and the 3 ball were round in 3Hrs 20 mins.
The winner was Raymond Keys with 40 points and the runner-up Hans Berger with 35. Andrew shot the low gross of 89 and the most golf was played by Richard with 111.
Raymond is cut 4 strokes and Hans 1 stroke.
The M&M was remarkable only in the price. RM516 was bloody expensive. Those that left early helped push up the additional sub for the others to RM30 each. Guys. If you must rush off before the bill has been called for LEAVE SOME DOSH.The F&B at BU is no longer cheap; particularly the JUICES.
It’s CNY holiday next Monday & Tuesday so we wont play those days. I will try and get us a game for Wednesday.

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