Results – Nilai Springs – 6th May 2014


A beautiful clear day, though hot and humid, as twenty Cannons let loose on the fairways of Nilai Springs. We got off smoothly on two tee-boxes playing the Island and Pines 9’s. Course condition was very good on the whole although many of the bunkers were full of water due to the heavy rain of yesterday.
The highlight of our group’s round was watching Paul Geddes emerge from behind a tree having taken a difficult shot on Hole 14 Island, with his back on the tree ….. then jumping around like a madman removing a horde of red ants from his neck, legs and arms. It got better …. one hole later as Paul walked on to the green to attempt a very make-able birdie putt he suddenly screamed and shot off the green, dropped his shorts behind the buggy and then removed one persistent red ant which had secured itself onto Paul’s valuables inside his underwear …. most amusing to watch (see photo below). He then came back to the green and understandably …. 3 putted for a bogie!
It was great to witness some good form from Richard Moss who posted an excellent score of 37 points today … the new hip is now starting to pay for itself. He and Paul Geddes both pitched in on the last Par 3 (Hole 26) on the Pines Course for birdie 2’s …. Richard picking up a 5 pointer!
Post game lunch was taken at the Dengkil Seafood Restaurant which was very good and most reasonable. A Big Thank You goes out to Andrew Robinson celebrating his 65th Birthday who kindly sponsored the drinks. A Birthday poster from the Cannons Buddies was presented to Andrew care of Mr Barry Cousins (see photo below) …. thank you Barry.
Some good scores today with 4 players playing below their handicap. At first I thought it was a count back for 3 players on 37 points but noted that indeed we had a clear winner with Kevin Wiggins playing an excellent round of 84 for 39 points – well done Kevin. Second place on 37 points and on count back from Richard Moss and Geoff McLaws (also on 37 points) was Mike Nairn with a gross of 101. 
Please note that yet again we have players who are submitting cards with wrong additions and incorrect Stableford points which needed some double checking and adjustments by myself and others. It would be good if players could do a quick check on their scores to see if their Stableford scores are correct before submissions. This is really easy to do … just add your handicap to 72 and thats the score you should shoot for 36 points …. it’s real easy then to work out your actual Stableford points from there. Also I noted at least 2 players using incorrect handicaps on their cards which further confused the issue. Current handicaps of all players are on the flight listing so should be noted before the start of the game. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 79. Full results below:


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