Results – Bukit Unggul – 15th June 2010

Just 9 golfers turned up – the course was quiet, in good condition and the weather most clement. The first 2 flights finished in rapid time, with the 3rd coming in 55 minutes later…..for no obvious reason.

Winner was Erol with a gross 89 and 40 points, cut 4. This could have been much better as Erol shot 39 for the first 9 before the wheels came off. Second was Tom Holmes with a gross 99 and 39 points, cut 1. Lowest gross was Erol and Andrew, both with 89, and the most golf was enjoyed by Bernhard with 103. Full details are as follows:
Erol Akinci – 89/40
Tom Holmes – 99/39
Ray Funnell – 93/36
Sigi – 98/33
Andrew Robinson – 89/32
Tony Morris – 95/32
Hans Berger – 93/31
Rein Li Tan – 101/30
Bernhard Romahn – 103/28

There was some drama before the start of the game – yours truly, having collected the money at reception, then proceeded to lose it! It slipped down the back of the chair and was spotted by eagle-eyed Morris! And then Ziggy was seen racing back up to reception in a buggy as he had left his car keys on the reception desk. And worse was to come, Rein Li in the second flight making his way to the first tee box realised his clubs were still in his car! Former captains of industry and all..

Lunch provided more entertainment. Rein Li decided he needed some soft-boiled eggs and toast – and he ordered 6! As he was cutting off the crusts of his toast, he was asked if he had had a heavy one the night before – ‘No it was a quiet night, just a few beers and half a bottle of whisky’! And Bernhard has clearly acquired a taste for english kids food, ie egg + chips – and ordered a mountain of chips with 4 fried eggs on top! And washed it down with a combination of black coffee and fresh water melon juice…

Enough of this drivel….and best wishes to Mike for a speedy recovery after the horrendous car accident he was involved in over the weekend in Kijal.

Watch this space for news of next weeks game.

Report kindly submitted by Andrew Robinson

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