Results – Tasik Puteri – 1st June 2010

Only 10 Cannons turned out Tuesday at a rather quiet Tasik Puteri. We played the 2nd & 3rd nines (in reverse order) which were in very good order and most found it a stiff test. I don’t know what’s going on at TP but they are making some subtle changes to the course with the result that it’s no longer the benine track it once was. They have nice new buggies and a lot of new maintenance equipment and the rough is being thickened and lengthened to punish any wayward drives. With fairly quick greens and some devilish pin positions it was a real challenge.

The winner with 38 points was Hans Berger; cut 4 strokes and the runner-up Peter jackson with 37 points; cut 1 stroke. The lowest gross was Joe Zorich with 88 and the most golf was played by Tom Holmes.

After the game we retired to the Equatorial where the usual excellent makan was enjoyed. There was however one absentee; Bernard Rohmahn. Bernard has a directional problem as we all know but this takes the biscuit. Having asked to follow Andrew because he wasn’t sure of the directions (actually he has been to the Equatorial before) he did so until the penultimate set of lights at which point Andrew indicated right and turned into the Petronas station to avoid the trafffic tail back ahead but Bernard didn’t follow and was never seen again. Where did you go Bernard? So that we can contact you and “talk you down” in the future please let us know your mobile # as we missed your company and you missed a good lunch.

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