Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 6th July 2010

Attendance was back to normal with 12 golfers.  Weather perfect and there were no hold-ups on the course -which was in good condition throughout. Zach Preston was welcomed, and at 14 years of age put some of us oldies to shame!  And Barry’s back held out for a full round. It was the delayed June Trophy Game and the winner was John Preston with 82 for 45 points and cut 9.  Second was Tom Holmes with 99 for 40 + 4 bonus points and cut 1.   John also had the lowest gross with his 82 and Mike Hughes played the most golf with 109. Full details below:
John Preston – 82/45
Tom Holmes – 99/40
Andrew Robinson – 85/38
Bernhard Romahn – 96/36
Raymond Keys – 100/36
Kevin Wiggins – 93/36
Barry Cousins – 98/35
Zach Preston – 93/33
Erol Akinci – 95/32
Tony Morris – 101/29
Mike Hughes – 109/29
Reinli Tan – 93/27
Luncheon was taken at the Equatorial and very good it was too, with porcine dishes to the fore.
Next weeks venue will be confirmed in a day or two
Andrew Robinson – Pro Tem Convenor

Note from Editor : Great to see Kevin Wiggins back out ….. and played to his handicap!!

A few photos from Assistant Editor & Pro Tem Photographer!

Bernhard takes it steady!

In case you are wondering:-  Does It Look Like I Give A F*ck?

Only one ball on the green on the Par-3 17th, and yes I did par it!

How does my ball end up like this two weeks running?

Yes indeed – my ball, clearly marked!

Is Bernhard dejected & will Tony’s belt stand the strain?

Winner Boy & Proud Son (no not me, the young lad Zac on the right)!

Looks like Mike is still hungry!!

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