Results Nilai Springs Tuesday 29th May

Nilai Springs is always a pleasure to play these days as it is easy to get to, is well maintained, has a great playing surface and the M&M is quite good and reasonably priced. But because of all these good things it’s getting increasingly busy and with other golfing venues closing, this trend will continue. While on the subject of closing venues, the latest casualty to join the list is Lembah Beringin. What a shame. An old Cannon: Joe Zorich, (but I suppose playing off 7 he’s not as ‘loose’ as some of us) is visiting paradise these next few weeks and it was a pleasure to have him amongst us on Tuesday. Wecome back Joe. We were 16 till Monday midday when Erol had to drop out……again…but Craig Donald stepped in to bring us back to 16, but this was short lived when George’s alarm function on his mobile failed and so, with him still in bed, 15 LC’s teed it up promptly at 8 o’clock and were all round in good time, the leading flight in a shade under 4 hours. In his defence George has asked me to pass on his apologies to the rest of the players. You are forgiven George. This was the TROPHY GAME for May and the winner was Tony Morris with and outrageous 49 points off the stick plus 2 bonus points for a total of 51. The runner-up with a score that, on most days would have won, was Berhard Romahn with 47 + 2 for a total of 49. The lowest gross was a creditable 80 by Bernhard and the most golf played was 110 by Barry Cousins. Tony is cut 13 strokes and Bernhard the mandatory1 stroke (lucky bugger). M&M was taken at the club where all 15 players were present (see below) and enjoyed good grub and ample liquid refreshment. A small whip round was needed and there was a surplus of RM20 which went into the kitty.

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