Results for KGSAAS Tuesday 5th June!

KGSAAS was in excellent condition and with near perfect weather 13 LC’s teed it up at 8 o’clock sharp. We played the Sultans and Alam Shah 9’s; the third 9 is currently closed for the complete relaying of one of the greens……not normally something that would be done by a club threatened with closure! There is also a fleet of brand new buggies as well as new uniforms for the caddies and plenty of evidence by way of major maintenance projects, that this great golf course will be with us for some considerable time. Praise be the Lord.
The bad news is that the former ‘mid week deal’ has become more expensive; it now stands at RM121 p.p. which includes 1 caddy per buggy. But the very bad news is that if you are a 3 ball they charge RM50.50 for the half buggy and caddy. So, with the dreaded 13 again this week, (we were 16 Sunday), this becomes an expensive course but well worth the RM121 if we have full flights.
The winner was myself with 39 points o.c.b and the runner-up was Aftab Ahmad with 39 o.c.b. The lowest gross was 86 by Joe Zorich and the most golf was played jointly by Glen Wombwell and Alan Holgate with 112.
I am cut 4 strokes and Aftab 1 stroke.

M&M was taken at the club by 11 of the players and very good it was too, if a little slow to arrive for some. Helped along by several jugs of beer there was some lively discussion as to next weeks venue. I proposed Staffield but there were some wingers and the rumour that KLOGS will play there the following week. So what??? Then our annual visit to Kampung Kuantan was suggested which seemed to get the nod but in the cold light of dawn I have changed my mind, (my privilege) and we will do KK later, so it’s Staffield next week.

Because the RM130 a head levied by yours truly at the start barely covered the green fees there was a whip round of RM40 needed to almost cover the bill with the shortfall of RM20 coming out of LC’s kitty.
We will return to KGSAAS but I may insist on full flights next time. So be warned.

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