Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 14th July 2020

We had 4 full flights on this beautiful Tuesday morning with very nice weather; not too hot. As usual, getting so many crazy old farts into the right buggy in an orderly fashion is an impossible task. But in the end we all got in the right flight and at the right t-box in time. The course was still a bit wet due to heavy rain the days before so buggy on track in the beginning.

Despite the wetness the course was very well playable and we all got around in little over 4 hours. Some guests joined us (again) Andrew Morrow with 5 games is now an official “Loose Cannon” (guess this name fits some of your shots perfectly😏); welcome Andrew! Reinli returned back to the course after a long absence and we learned how Carlsberg survived the crisis. Welcome back!

Lunch was at the club and we concluded the day with some jugs and nice food. Prices are reasonable at Tasik and good quality. And we found out that Iain is planning to travel to the UK on Friday without making any immigration arrangements……… He decided to contemplate further on that in the Annex later that day. Or we might see him next Tuesday on the golf course again.


We had some good scoring today with more than half of the group playing their handicap or close to that. Winner today Tony Morris with a respectable 85/41 followed by Robert and myself with 40 points. Ricardo became third with 38 points and lowest gross; 82. After 2 games I’m heading the monthly ranking, followed by Iain and Ricardo/Dave shared 3rd. See all details below.


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin belderink for the photos.

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