Results – Danau Golf Club – 21st July 2020

Those who decided not to play today made a wise decision. 8 daredevils still showed up. Let me give you the short version of today. Registration this morning; they suddenly decided this morning that a caddy is compulsory for guests. So we got 2 completely useless girls on the back of our buggies to do god knows what…………..  Several buggies already broke down before we even started. The course was in very lousy shape, especially the lower parts where a boat and flippers would have been of use. In front of us there were a bunch of locals taking forever to look for their balls and take the shots. So it was a lot of waiting and it took us almost 5 hours to get around. 


The scores tell the story; Mike winning with 30 points. Danau is off the list. The 19th hole at East of Highway made up for it and we cleaned the system with some beers and good food. 


Thanks to Martin Belderink and Ricardo Castro for the photos.

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