Results – KGSAAS – 17th January 2017

With the overnight withdrawal of Andy Strachan 22 LC’s started on time on the President & Sultan 9’s at KGSAAS and with few other golfers on the course we were all round in good time…..especially the two 3 balls, one of which containing speedy Morris finishing one and a half hours before the following 4 ball !!!!

KGSAAS was very soggy. OK, we had some heavy rain Sunday night but other courses in the Klang Valley are bone dry. This course needs some serious drainage work. Little wonder there were so few other players on the course.

The winner with a fine 89 for 42 points was Charles Blanchet. Charles, you are cut 8 strokes. Runner-up was Iain Wise with 92 for 39 ocb from Ted Parslow with 84 for 39 ocb in 3rd spot. Lowest gross was Geoff McLaws with 82.


Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 2.38.03 PM.jpg


Because Stuart is cruising Charles h/cap will be cut but all other h/caps will remain the same for next weeks game.

Lunch was taken at the club attended by 17 LC’s who enjoyed the beer promotion of buy 2 get one free.


Over lunch the position of Convenor was discussed and I am pleased to announce that Hans Berger has stepped up and will take over as Convenor as of 1st March. Andrew will continue to look after the money and Stuart will keep the Handicapping and the Blog. My thanks to all 3 of you. My thanks also to Ray Funnell who offered to stand as convenor if there were no other offers. 

For myself, I will be moving to Ayer Keroh but hope to be able to play with you all at some of the venues south of KL. And I will certainly see some of you at the Melaka tour which I believe will be late March.

This is a good group who enjoy playing golf to the rules and enjoy each others company. Occasionally however there are issues and I receive requests not to play with so-and-so because of some misdemeanour or incident but this cannot be entertained as we randomly draw flights and should continue to do so. So guys, please play the game according to the Rules and the Etiquette of Golf for the mutual benefit of all Loose Cannons. Good behaviour at all times no matter how frustrated we may be.

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