Results – Danau Golf Club – 4th February 2020

16 Cannons assembled Yesterday early morning for a nice game of golf. Almost everybody made it in time to pay me before 7.15 am……….. Registration went smoothly and we took off around 7.45 am from 2 tee-boxes. Weather looking good…………what could go wrong?

Again Danau proved to be the devil himself. Nobody played his handicap. A lot of players with more than 100 strokes, putting took a lot of strokes as well and numerous 4 putts. Golf wise, not a day to remember.


Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 2.49.02 PM

The winner OCB was Roger with 34 points, followed by Ricardo (34) and shared 3rd Tom and Hans both 31 points.

Since Roger was not there for lunch to collect his price we spent his RM 50 wisely on some Tigers.

11 players joined for lunch to wash away the game as quickly as possible and that worked out well. Tony ordered some good dishes as usual; thanks for that.

The ‘mystery prize’ for today was won by Tony; having 4 putts on hole 18. More members managed to do a 4 putt there so Tony won in combination with also having the lowest Stableford between the other qualifying players.

We also celebrated the final, final goodbye from Hans as convener. A nice bottle of whiskey hopefully keeps him quiet for some time. Thanks again Hans for organizing the last 3 years.


Danau1Danau2Danau3Danau4image0 (1)

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