Revised Xmas Lunch Programme – Coliseum Cafe – 10th December 2010

Cannons all.
We have 10 signed up as I write but are hoping for several more. From the feedback I am getting some of you are baulking at the “mandatory” requirements and others are wondering why we aren’t getting turkey, roast spuds, Christmas pudding etc. etc.
Well, the Coliseum don’t and won’t do Turkey etc., so we have to make do with what they do provide which has a certain colonial nostalgia about it and happens to be quite good fare.  For those of you who believe you are too grown up to wear a santa hat in public or too wimpish to stand up and in some way entertain your friends for a couple of minutes, even if it’s only to wish them merry Christmas, I have softened the programme as modified in green below.
So now get your finger out and sign up for the inaugural Cannons Christmas Lunch.
Arrangements for the CHRISTMAS LUNCH at the Coliseum are finalized. Please make a diary note now and enjoy what should be a very entertaining day, evening, night……….Ahh.
Coliseum Café & Hotel, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. KL. (Batu Road for the old timers)
Friday 10th December 2010
Assemble at the Bar at 12:00 noon where beer, wine & soft drinks will be served on a running tab. Lunch will be taken at 13:00 in a reserved and private area in the back room of the restaurant. (Highlighted for the more sensative members.)
During lunch you will be expected to wear festive head ware (Santa hats, Antlers etc.) or the paper hat from the crackers. Santa beards are optional.
You are asked to contribute to the festivities by singing a song, telling a joke or otherwise entertain your fellow Cannons for a few minutes during lunch.
Oxtail Soup (homemade I am assured!)
Roll & Butter
Signature Steak Pie  **
Fried Banana & Ice Cream
** This really is rather good. It comes in
a bloody great bowl with pie crust,
great lumps of steak, half eggs, carrots
& spuds in a thick gravey and you all dig in.
Each person to bring one Bottle of good wine or other beverage of their choiceMANDATORY.
Those wishing to provide a nice bottle of something stronger in addition to the bottle of wine are very welcome to do so.
We require RM100 IN ADVANCE towards the cost of lunch, drinks, corkage and festive accompaniments. We expect this will be enough but if we are short we will have a whip round. CONFIRMATION of ATTENDANCE.
We need to know IN ADVANCE how many to cater for. Please respond via Email ASAP with your CONFIRMATION. Please make payment in CASHto Andrew Robinson at the next game or myself at your earliest convenience not later than 30th November 2010.
So, YES you can get BEER and NO you don’t have to walk down Batu Road in antlers and NO you don’t have to wear blue jeans and PLEASE make an effort to learn a few lines to entertain your pals and help the party swing.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the Coliseum on the 10th December.

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