Results – Bukit Unggul – 16th November 2010

15 of us mustered at Bukit Unggal in delightful weather.  The course was very quiet and in good nick, apart from a few sanded greens on the back 9. It was a novelty for us to have a lady playing – Lau being an affable Sarawakian guest of Reinli, and she fitted in well and enjoyed herself. Winner was Tom Holmes with 93 gross for 41 points, and cut 5.  Runner-up was Reinli Tan with 88 gross for 40 points, and cut 1. Lowest gross was John Laidley with 85 and Alan Holgate played a few more shots than the rest with 117. Full results:
1. Tom Holmes – 93/41
2. Reinli Tan – 88/40
3. Paul Jeyaraj – 94/39
4. Hans Berger – 92/37
5. Ian Geekie – 98/37
6. Tony Morris – 88/35
7. John Laidley – 85/31
8. Ray Funnel – 99/31
9. Siegmund Maierbrugger – 103/31
10. Andrew Robinson – 94/29
11. Dick Stauffer – 104/28
12. Bernhard Romahn – 98/27
13. Richard Moss – 101/27
14. Lau – 108/26
15. Alan Holgate – 117/20
Lunch was taken at the club where we celebrated Ray Funnel’s 64th birthday. Ray kindly donated 3 bottles of white wine and there were another couple of bottles of red, together with some Chivas.  The throng rose to sing Happy Birthday, replete with some Tony Morris embellishments.  And the club provided a cake with 5 candles, which Ray managed to extinguish on the second attempt. With RM547 still in the kitty, the CPTCA was taken aback when the bill came for RM704!  This was inflated by the quite unexpected corkage charge of RM30 per bottle of wine.  Thus there was a deficit of RM157. By this time there were only 2 of us left so a whip round was not possible…..the debt collector will be knocking on your door!
Income: B/FD 22, collection RM100 x 15 – total RM1522.
Expenditure: golf RM705, rebates for members/coupons RM220, winner RM50, F&B RM704 – total RM1679
Deficit – RM157

And please note that Tuesday 7 December is a public holiday. Accordingly, the game that week will most probably be on Wednesday 8 December and at Saujana to celebrate Kevin’s 60th. To be confirmed a tad nearer the time.

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