Results – Tasik Puteri Golf Club – 22nd February, 2011

We had a great day in TP. The greens on the first 9 were very good although a little slow, but they were true. The second 9 were poor as they had sanded them all and it was so difficult to get the ball rolling to the hole.

Raymond Keys took the trophy with an excellent 46 points even though he only managed to hit three fairways! Barry was second with 42.

Best gross, John, 84.

After the green fees and F& B were paid we have RM70 in the kitty for next week.

Thanks to David Hughes who stood in as Convenor as Mike Smith was away getting his eye replaced. He will get his 2nd eye done next week and hopefully should be back soon with his new “eagle vision”. Speedy recovery Mike!

The lightening conductor swing!

Good extension

Go for the maximum club head speed

Drive your ball far into the lake!!

Fishing for Palm Oil

Have balls become that expensive?

Alan doesn’t want to hear that the ‘Trophy’ has eluded him yet again!!!

I want a ‘Trophy’ this big!!

Yes David – We can see you, despite the reflection off the mirror in the bottom left 😉

Rein Li waking up after 40 winks. Got his ‘doggy bag’ & ready to go home!

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