Results – Port Klang Golf Resort – 14th February, 2011

Port Klang Golf Resort is an occasional venue for Cannons, more as a novelty than anything else, and has given those of us who have played there in the past a number of humorous memories, When it’s wet it’s VERY wet and when dry, as hard as a bone. Who will ever forget the veritable marsh conditions a few years back and Klaus getting his trolley (a cunning folding German device of immense complexity but with a built in design flaw of narrow wheels) bogged down and retiring with swamp fever along with several others well before the end. And so it was, as always with Port Klang Golf Resort, with some trepidation that 11 Cannons found their way…..eventually…. to this seaside venue. Richard Moss who has been there many times before, inexplicably managing to get lost in North Port and arriving half an hour late. We were to be 12 but Erol pulled out overnight after consulting Google Maps and deciding that it was all too complicated and feared being lost forever in deepest Selangor. What a wimp.

But on this day great weather and a golf course that was very firm greeted us and with hardly another soul in sight we were all round in under 4 hours. The legendary Turf Mates were in working order and the greens were reasonably true with virtually no break from any angle. The winner was Mike Smith with 43 points (the game is slowly coming back) and the runner-up was Tom Holmes with 41 points breathing a sigh of relief after fearing that he was going to be “doubled” for back-to-back wins. John Laidley recorded the lowest gross with 86 and the most golf was played by Richard Moss.

Raring to go….but where the hell is Richard?

Deep conversation

Everyone is happy, Richard is camera shy & Tom is VERY happy!!

Rein Li just completing breakfast before a hard morning’s slog!!

Serious business being discussed ….err would that be golf?

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to golf we go!!
Raymond zooms into the lead….but only on the “TurfMate”

Hans looking the dapper golfer!!

M&M was taken by all 11 of us at the Port Village seafood restaurant nearby. This place is very large and built on stilts over the sea and with nice breeze and “friendly” waiters a good time was had by all. The bill was a bit of a shock but with 12 large ones and 1 bottles of wine consumed, not entirely surprising. (3 bottles of wine were provided by diners themselves!!).

This was an excellent day out for Loose Cannons. Port Klang….we will return.

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