Loose Cannon Rules

Just as a reminder for everyone here are the latest Loose Cannons Rules as updated on 6th February 2011.



1. Each new player to join the Loose Cannons plays his FIRST round off his CLUB H/Cap or DECLARED H/Cap.
2. The WINNER each week will have his h/c CUT by a minimum of 4 strokes or the number of strokes his Stableford points exceeds his h/c in use on that day, whichever is higher. Should he win again the following week his h/c will be further cut by 8 strokes.
3. The RUNNER UP each week will have his h/c cut by 1 stroke. 
4. The REST will have 1 stroke added to their h/c to a ceiling of 3 strokes above their current USGA handicap as calculated by Loose Cannons USGA software.
5. FIRST TIME OUT WINNERS will have their h/c adjusted in accordance with the USGA handicapping formula using his winning card and then have his re-calculated h/c cut by 4 strokes. Thereafter Rules 2,3 & 4 will be applied.
6. USGA Handicapping Formula ((Adjusted Gross Score – USGA Course Rating) x 113 / USGA Slope Rating) will be used with a cap at 28. 
7. Handicaps will be calculated using the Loose Cannons “Handicap Manager” software and published at the end of each month.


1. Each weeks competition will be played from the WHITE tees and scored to the Stableford system using the players adjusted handicap.
2. The game on the last Tuesday of each month will be played for a Trophy in addition to the Pot. This will be referred to as the Trophy Game. One Bonus Point will be awarded to each player for games played during the month. The Bonus Points will be added to the Trophy Game points to decide the winner.
3. Flights will be randomly selected or assigned by the convener.

Fees & Pot

1. Each player will pay the cost for the days golf (varies from club to club) plus c RM30 for the  “POT”. This will be referred to as the “FEE”.
2. The Winner will receive RM50 from the POT. The remainder of the “POT” will go towards the 19th Hole refreshments.
3. A deduction of RM5 per player will be made to cover administrative costs and the cost of the monthly “Trophy”.

19th Hole Refreshment

1. The “POT” will be used to provide each player with a “light meal” and “beverage” to the cost equivalent of 2 mugs of beer (or one large bottle if eating outside the club). 
2. Beverage consumed above this cost equivalent will be to the individuals own account.

Local Rules

1. BUNKERS. Ball lying in a footprint or other depression left by a preceding flight can be lifted and placed within the Bunker at the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole without penalty.
2. OUT OF BOUNDS. Out of Bounds as defined by White Stakes will be treated as Lateral Water Hazards. Rule 26 applies.
3. LOST BALL. If you are unable to find your ball you may drop a ball at the nearest point of relief from the area adjudged by other members of your flight to be the place where most likely the ball is lost, not nearer the hole, at a penalty of 2 strokes. Alternatively Rule 27 applies.
4. PLUGGED BALL. A ball which, in the opinion of the members of the flight, cannot be found by being PLUGGED in the FAIRWAY can be replaced at the point where it is judged by the flight to have struck the fairway, without penalty.
5. BUGGY TRACK DRAINS. A ball lying in a buggy track drain ( drain that is immediately adjacent to and/or parallel with a buggy track) can be lifted and dropped at the point of entry and on the side of entry, within 2 club lengths, not nearer the hole without penalty.
6. A ball lying in a DIVOT on the FAIRWAY may be lifted and placed at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole without penalty.

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