Results – Bukit Kemuning – 1st February 2011

19 golfers played Bukit Kemuning on Federal Taritory Day and considering it was a PH for KL and the eve of CNY the course management did a good job in maintaining order so that we were round in under 5 hours. The course was in surprisingly good condition after the soaking of the past few days and the weather was fine. By thhe way, thanks to Barry for making the booking. This is a good venue for Cannons. We will play it again.
The winner was Kevin Wiggins with 42 points and the runner up OCB was John Laidley with 39 points. Kevin is cut 6 and John 1 stroke. The lowest gross with an impressive 78 was John Laidley and the most golf was played by Peter Jackson. The full results and your adjusted handicaps can be found in the attachment.
With the exception of Siegi who couldn’t stay but donated RM50 to the pot (good man Siegi) everyone else enjoyed M&M at the club. We welcomed back David Hughes on his annual pilgrimage and a couple of visitors. All in all a good day UNTIL the bill arrived. A whopping RM803. With RM608 in the pot the remaining 8 stalwarts contributed RM20 each and the balance was topped up from the carry over money. Gents, if you partake of M&M and leave BEFORE the bill arrives please leave a small contribution to the pot.
For the record the carry over fund now stands at RM323.

A couple of asides worth mentioning.
Several of the tee boxes had the blue & white tees together. Andrew noticing this asked if we were playing from the whites or the blues and “why are the white tees in front of the blues.”
Reinli, having overslept last week arriving an hour and a quarter late, emailed to assure me that he would be on time this week adding that he only lived “10 minutes away” and could “walk it”. Guess what?????

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