Results – Sungai Long – 23rd June 2015

A good day at Sungai Long. Course was in great condition. Reception staff was extremely helpful, to the point filling in all the paperwork for me so booking in was very easy.

We paid a bit over the top as they charged us for caddies as well! One per flight.

The down side was, we all had to go off of one tee box behind a couple of other flights but it was 30 minutes before our designated tee time! 

The 1st 3 flights made good time finishing in 4 hours. The last flight (Low handicappers)

took a little longer. Possibly due to Bernard’s constant picking and cleaning of his ball, when it wasn’t advised that it was a “pick and clean” day!!!!!!

The winner of the day was Bernard with an impressive 80 for 43 points. Did his “pick and 

clean” give him an advantage!

Lunch was at Kenwell. Attended by 11 players. Excellent food as normal at a great price.

Pork curry / Veg curry / 2 styles of pork rib / yam basket with chicken / deer meat / LaLa / kylan

Food:    RM 300      RM 27 per person 

Drinks:  RM 200     RM 18 per person
Many thanks to Tony Morris for arranging today’s game on behalf of Geoff McLaws who is down with dengue fever – get well soon Geoff.

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