Results – Rahman Putra – 16th June 2015

Well after a late change of venue for reasons I shall not dwell on over this email, 12 Loose Cannons made it to Rahman Putra for our weekly Tuesday game. After being promised the Lake 18 for our three flights, upon arrival at the course, all noted that the second 9 of the Lakes course was closed to morning players. 
Registration at this course has had its frustrations in the past but today, it was a virtual breeze. Aside from not being allowed to play the Lakes 9 due to no proof of handicaps under 24, oh, and our seniors receiving no benefit other than those who are also MM2H holders cos they were not Malaysian cits, oh, and the green fees being quite exxy here, and registration taking well over 20 minutes, we were all on the tee by 8.15am.
Tony and his flight finished 3 holes ahead of the next flight due to a couple of walkers somehow managing to ‘cut in front’ of our middle flight. However 6 of us made it to the Heng Hin Seafood Restoran for a pleasantly modest meal (quantity) and a few grogs.
Henning Therkelsen won the day with a very good gross of 84 for 40 points. Well played Henning, or “Henry” as called by Tony. 
A very close second was Iain Wise with a gross of 92 for 39 points and 21 on the back nine. The rest of the field failed to impress with no-one else in the field playing to handicap.

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