Results – Templar Park – 30th June 2015

Only 7 LC’s played the June Trophy Game at Templer Park today which was  a pity because the course was in good condition save for some of the bunkers that had recently been re-sanded and were very soft. The weather too was great for golf and since there were few people playing, we were round in good time. But once again this course was the winner as can be seen from the scores below.

Paul Geddes          87 / 36

Allan  Wright          103 / 33

Mike Smith             99 / 32

Andrew Chez         88 / 24 OCB

Bernhard Romahn 98 / 24

Roger Surieux       122 / 22

Brian Stubbs          116 / 19

Hopefully Ray will be back on the course next week and will arrange a suitable ‘Ramadan’ venue. 

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