Thanks Jan for the report and Ricardo for the photos.

Dear all,
The course was in a good condition, the weather was good, and the greens were slow. I think that was the short summary of Tuesday’s game. It’s always pleasant to play at Tasik Puteri, where you really have to score well to get on top. Also this time that was clear from the scoring.
First we have to congratulate Bernhard and Robert for their respective birthdays, and we thank them for their generous contribution for the lunch!We were all very happy to see Hans Berger back on the field. Hans, don’t worry about the golf, that will come back. Keep on practicing with us. Use the small tool you received, save you a lot of bending down.
John played his fourth game, so one to go, and Hans Bodewes played his fifth game, so he was welcomed as a new member of the Loose Cannons. A sleeve of special LC balls as a welcome gift.
The scores were very good as mentioned. To play your handicap and end up as sixth says enough. The winner above all was Dave, who walked off with 42 points!!! Well done Dave, the voucher is yours!
The total list of scores is:

The standing for the March competition is (you have to play at least 2 games in the month to qualify):

See you all next week,

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