Winter Golf in UK

At this time of year isn’t it good to be here in Malaysia as can be seen from a letter sent from our Loose Cannons member David Hughes who is vainly attempting to play golf in UK in Winter.

Hi guys,

You lucky lot, out there in the sun playing great courses!
Our course has been closed now for a week.As you can see by the picture it will be closed for some time as there doesn’t seem to be any let up in the bad weather, O joy.
For the very first time ever, our seniors Christmas game, due to be played tomorrow followed by a turkey dinner has had to be cancelled. We have about thirty old farts who all donate a bottle for prizes, making sure that everyone takes home a prize, sometimes the bottle they donated!
One of the lads is forever making excuses, mainly how much bad luck he has when playing. His partners keep a record of these and they are read out at the party, for example.
If I hadn’t of gone in that bunker, I would have been on the green and putting for a birdie!
That putt would have gone in the hole if I had used a pro v . etc
Hope you all have a great Christmas and you all enjoy Kevin’s birthday. (Have a good one Kevin)
Looking forward to playing golf with you all in January.
All the very best,

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