Results – Sungai Long – 30th May 2018

img_0864Today we had the pleasure of playing Sungai Long and boy what a joy it was.The course was absolutely immaculate.From Tee to Green everything was in perfect condition and we couldnt have asked for more.With Berger and Wiggins forming the perfect starting partnership Registration was a breeze and 16 eager golfers were chomping at the bit for a fast start @ 7.50 and a timely finish at 11.45 – 12.30
Even our Resident Greyhound Tony was in  very laid back mood today and played at what for him was a very leisurely pace.Although it should be noted his playing partners kept him very busy driving the buggy,keeping the scorecard, looking for numerous lost balls (Paul) and raking bunkers


Our 3 players in the winning circle all played above handicap so congratulations to
Stan 89/39
Niall 77/38
Andrew 100/37
Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 6.57.20 AM
Correction : Niall Murray’s gross should be 77 NOT 78 in above table.
Additional Congratulations of course also go out to Stan for winning the Coveted Monthly Medal, which  comes with a Prestigious Trophy and so much prize money it cant be mentioned (Rory eat your heart out !!!!!) and (Fat Lady keeps your hands off !!!!)
Your temporary Convenor for the Day Wiggins (I cant do this much longer for obvious health reasons) felt he had got away with a pretty stress free day as Tony being the self sacrificing person that he is took it upon himself to organize the F&B to perfection for 8 of us (or was it 9 ???) which surprise surprise came to 50 RM a head
I didn’t think there was really anything else to report but in the best interests of the societyI think I need to point out to the membership in no uncertain terms that we have a totallyno go policy as far as DRUGS are concerned. I am sad to report that our 3rd place finisher today after a few beers at lunch mentioned that on Monday afternoons he is in the habit of taking a certain performance enhancing drug for recreational reasons and then goes on to point out that said drug is known to positively affect performance even into the following day. An immediate check of his scores did in fact demonstrate that whilst his Friday scores are totally crap, his Tuesday scores do show a marked improvement. Andrew enough is enough.This cant go on.You have to change your play date day.Weekends are probably tough so I strongly suggest you change to Wednesdays !!!!!
Finally we all wish Hans a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him leading the charge again asap
Your temporary convenor Wiggins….. who cant keep doing this too much longer !!!

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