Results – SSG Beringin Golf Course – 26th July 2011

Small group of 7 managed the 45 minute journey to Beringin to-day. (The distance was a bit daunting for some of our elderly members)
Everyone was on time enabling us to get registered and saddled up by 07.35 am. The early Start put us 1st on the course and finished by 11.15am.
The cost for 7 players was RM 360 (RM 51.42 each)  RM 50 was collected from everyone. As many wanted to get off after the game we had a quick drink and award ceremony at the club and was on our way home by 12 .30pm.
No carry over RM!
The course as usual was in great condition apart from the greens being still wet from the overnight dew.
Stable-ford scores on the day were close together. Just one score stood out from the rest and that was from Klaus who scored a 93 for 39 points. (Bonus points were not required.)
2nd place went to Ray Funnell with his 100 for 35 points (off a 27 h/cap)
Erol gave Klaus a run for his money taking the 1st 9 with 21 points slot but then Erols game fell apart after picking up his ball after 6 shots on the par 4 10th  thinking the hole was a par 3. The hole was a  6 index which would have given Erol 1 point for his 18”  7th shot if taken.!
1st        Klaus Kretzschmar                  93  /  39           Cut 4 to 20
2nd        Ray Funnell                             100 / 35           Cut 1 to 26
3rd        Jeff  Pearce                             96  /  35           + 1     to 23
4th        Erol Akinci                              98  /  34           + 1     to 25
5th        Peter Edgworth                       96  /  34           + 1     to 23
6th        Simon Compton                      92  /  32           + 1     to 17
7th        Tony Morris                            93  /  30           + 1     to 16               

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