Results – Amverton Cove – 29th December 2015

For the last Loose Cannon’s game of 2015 and the Trophy Game for December we played at Amverton Cove. We originally had 4 full flights but due to tow last minute pull-outs we had 14. We teed off on split 9’s and the pace was very good for the first 9 holes …. after the turn some Tan Sri and local sultan had cut in in front of the groups and the last 9 holes were rather slow. However the course was in good shape and the weather was fine.
Post game we ate lunch at the usual restaurant at the bridge close to the club – food was good (well ordered Iain Wise) and a suitable quantity of liquid amber was consumed.
Ray Funnell will be resigning as Convenor – many thanks Ray for all the good work this year – and Mike Smith will be taking over the helm as of 1st 2016 aided by myself, Stuart Taylor, to do the handicapping and Iain Wise to do the monies.
Our December Trophy winner was Jeff Pearce with an excellent 40 points (gross of 88) with Geoff McLaws runner up (again!) with the best gross of the day of 77 and 39 points. Full results below:



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