Results – Staffield – 24th January 2017

What to say? Rain rain go away, give us a break and let us play.

With Barry dropping out overnight….. having suddenly remembered that he had a hospital appointment…..senior moment….23 Cannons pitched up at Staffield in drizzle after almost continuous overnight rain. The prospects did not look good. But in true LC’s tradition the intrepid assembly took to the Western & Northern 9’s promptly at 8 o’clock. Surprisingly, carts were allowed on the fairways and play got underway and continued through continuous rain varying from light drizzle to steady rain for the first 6 or 7 holes. At this point it was pissing it down and we were restricted to carts on paths. But by the 8th the greens were flooded and the siren sounded to stop play. There then followed one and a half hours of hanging about during which several players had had enough and departed. But the rain eased……didn’t stop….and the all clear siren finally sounded and out we went again. In the interval the pro-shop had done a roaring trade with new shirts so for them at least, the morning was a success.

The rain continued unabated for the remainder of the round and the 17 survivors finally completed their round at about 2pm. 11 or 12 stayed for lunch.

Staffield it has to be said, played very well in spite of the very wet conditions; a testimony to the excellent drainage of this course. The greens especially were true and fast and maintained their condition throughout.  

The winner and the only player to match his handicap was Mike Williams with 86 for 36 points ahead of Iain Wise with 96 for 35. 2 players shared third spot. Martin Belderink and Paul Geddes with 34 points apiece.



We don’t have a COTD award…..perhaps we should…..but if we did it would certainly have gone to Paul Geddes who thought someone had stolen his clubs before the start of play and had to play with hired clubs. However, on checking during the interruption, he found his clubs were still at the car wash where he left them the day before!!!! WTF.

In nearly 40 years of playing golf in Malaysia this was the first time I have played a complete round in continuous rain.

Golf next Tuesday will be the January Trophy Game at the driest course we play, Tasik Puteri. Names to me soonest please.

Now I have to clean and oil my clubs.



Results – Staffield Country Resort – 20th December 2016


The pre-Xmas game was held at Staffield Country Resort. 20 Cannons adorned with santa hats and antlers headed off from two tee boxes on the Western and Southern courses at 8:00am.


The morning was overcast and cool and then by the back 9 the sun came out but we avoided rain which was good. The course was in good shape but the greens running a little slow.

We had lunch at the club after the game with a few pleasant jugs of beer to help wash it all down.


The clear winner today was Aftab Ahmad with an excellent 44 points and a gross of 90. Runner up was Hans Berger with a 94 for 39. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 76. Ricardo Castro kindly donated a bottle of wine for an arbitary prize which was a draw between the best gross the worst golf and the mid placed player – Ray Funnell won the draw so scuttled of with a fine bottle of Portugese white wine. Full results below:



Results – Staffield Country Resort- 22nd November 2016


We had 7 full flights today at Staffield Country Resort indicating clearly the popularity of this course that always seems in great condition. It’s a bit of a trek … but … hey what the heck else do we have to do all day.

Welcome to our guest today, Alain Desiderato, who joined us for the first time.

We tee’d off from two tee boxes on Western and Southern nines after an easy registration and with hardly anyone lese on the course we had a clear run. The course as usual was in great shape. The greens on the Western nine were fast whereas the greens on the Southern nine were considerably slower and a little bumpy …. looks like they had recently been hollow tined.

Our flight were a bit worried when we reached the first green … and thought someone from the 1st flight had perhaps left their brain behind at the side of the green …..


…… a beautiful “brain-shaped” mushroom.

The weather was good and with a brief threat of rain we all got back to the clubhouse by around 12:30 and had lunch at the club just before the heavens opened.


Some good scores today as expected at this course. The winner with an exceptional gross 75 and 44 points was Andrew Cseszko (cut 8). Runner up was Ricardo Castro with an 84 for 42 points and 3rd place was Vincent Vijayan with 97 for 39. Best gross of the day was Andrew Cseszko with his 75 …. well done! Full results tabulated below:



Results – Loose Cannons vs LEGS – Staffield Country Resort – 18th October 2016


Loose Cannons and LEGS have been challenging each other since April 2013 and this was the 7th game in the series held at Staffield Country Resort. We had 12 flights with 24 players from each side competing in a best ball Stableford competition.

After a slight delay due to quite a few ladies arriving late (some miscommunication on the tee-off time apparently) we all got off on the West Course at around 8:30am. The weather was wonderful and the course was in great shape making it a very good morning’s golf.

Most players completed the round by 1pm and we had a lunch set up in the clubhouse restaurant where the prize giving was done.


In preparing the flights for today’s match we took all the players’ USGA handicaps, adjusted them all for the slope of the course with men 18 and below playing off the blue tees and those above 18 playing the white tees, and then adjusting the teams to try and match the combined handicaps which we did within one shot. These matched pairs worked very well resulting in some very close games and overall an extremely tight match.

The overall match was a draw with Loose Cannons winning 5 of the matches, LEGS winning 5 matches and two matches were drawn. So 6 points to each side for match No 7.

So after 7 matches there is still only 1 point separating the two teams with Loose Cannons with a total of 35 match points and LEGS having a total of 34 match points. We look forward to the next match in the series.

Full results and overall scores detailed below.


The best men’s pair score was Mike Smith and Iain Wise with 49 points (RM300) and the second best Men’s pair score was Martin Walsh and Graham Cadman with 37 points.(RM150).


For the ladies the best pair score was also 49 points from Gina Blackwell and Yuni Rhoden (RM300). Second best ladies pair score was 47 points from Yani Soermurni and Anita Hourigan (RM150).


NTP for Hole No 8 on the West Course was Mike Smith (RM100) and NTP for Hole No 8 on the South Course Peter Kenyon (RM100).


Well done to all our winners and thanks to all participants who made the day a great success.






Results – Staffield Golf & Country Resort – 30th August 2016


The August Monthly Trophy Game was held at Staffield Golf & Country Club. We were delayed in starting today as there was heavy rain but we eventually got off at around 8:30am or so. However the rain persisted for the first 9 holes making it a bit of a slog dealing with sodden gloves and golf club grips. However by the back 9 the rain stopped making it more pleasant.

The course was in very good condition despite the rain and the greens really excellent. There were only a few small patches of water which we had to get relief from on the greens.

Due to the late start we decided to have lunch at the club instead of the drive back north to East of Highway Restaurant.


Some high scores today were recorded due to the rainy conditions but we did have some good scores in the first few places. Winner of the August Trophy was Mike Smith with a 96 for 40 points – congratulations Mike! Runner up was Jeff Pearce with 93 for 39 points, receiving a bottle of wine kindly donated by Ricardo Castro. 3rd place was Mike Williams with 87 for 38. Best gross of the day was Andrew Cseszko with an 84 ….. although we were about to amend this to 85 for the extra stroke he took with ReinLi’s club to break his car window after locking his car keys in!! Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.20.10 PM




Results – Staffield Golf & Country Resort – 12th July 2016


An excellent morning’s golf at Staffield with 22 players participating. The course was in good condition and the weather excellent making it a pleasant outing. Welcome to our guest this week, Ricardo Castro, and hope to see him join us again on a regular basis.

We teed off from two tee boxes playing the Southern and Western nines and were all finished by just after 12 noon. We then drove back north and had lunch at our favourite Restoran East of Highway.


Our winner this week with an excellent 89 for 43 points was Rein Li Tan. Runner up, on count back, was Allan Wright with 42 points from Geoff McLaws also with 42 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with 74. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.41.59 PM



Results – Loose Cannons vs LEGS – Staffield – 3rd May 2016

19 Loose Cannons (Mahmud pranged his car on the way to Staffield) and eventually 20 LEGS ( 2 ladies arrived late, one of them went to KGSAAS!!!!) teed it up just after 8 o’clock on a relatively cool morning at Staffield Country Resort for the annual match.
This year LEGS were the ‘hosts’ and had chosen Staffield as the venue and had requested the match to be played from the Reds & Blues respectively. Several Cannons raised their eyebrows at this decision but since Loose Cannons USGA handicapping is calculated to the average Blue Slope and because the slope at Staffield for Red & Blue is the same at 130, this didn’t seem to me to be an outrageous request. In reality the Blue tees were between 60 and 110 metres behind the Red tees which gave the ladies a big advantage. Plus the fact that LEGS were generally lower handicappers across the board meant that Cannons were up against it from the start. Hey ho.
There were some last minute adjustments of flights to accommodate the 2 late arriving ladies and inexplicably 2 of our flights teamed up with the wrong pair of ladies but play started just after 8 with a mini shotgun start on tees 1 thru 5 West with 2 flights per tee box. This inevitably slowed things up and the round was slow overall taking the best part of 5 hours but everyone enjoyed the competition if not the result. The ladies were good.
Staffield was in great condition but the greens were a tad slow. The weather was fine throughout with a little breeze towards the end of the round. The club had given us West & South for the match so we didn’t have any cross over issues.
Lunch was a Chinese Buffet at the club and LEGS provided every table with 2 jugs of beer. Needless to say many additional jugs were required, mostly by the thirsty Cannons but it was noted that several of the ladies were getting their share as well. One of them went home without her clubs!!! Anyway, many thanks to the ladies for the jugs they provided.
The scoring was chaotic to say the least as many of the ladies (and a couple of the men) had not read or understood the scoring procedure and it was not helped by the 2 Cannons flights that had decided to play with a pair different from the Starter Sheet. And to add to the scorers misery some of the cards were barely legible with numerous corrections and many cards displayed some imaginative mathematics. But from early on the outcome was never in doubt.
The clear winners were LEGS by 7.5 to 2.5.  The full result is attached. Note that, where necessary, I have taken the ‘declared’ Stableford points as correct and adjusted the gross score accordingly.
Congratulations to the ladies.
Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 5.41.26 AM

Results – Staffield Country Resort – 29th March 2016


The Monthly Trophy Game for March was played at Staffield Country Resort – one of our favourite and reliable courses in the region. We had a full complement of 24 players with 6 flights teeing off on separate tee boxes on the Northern and Western 9’s. Weather conditions were hot but with a lovely breeze blowing this cooled things down considerably and we actually came off after 18 holes with dry shirts. Course conditions were very good and we all made good time around the course particularly as it was buggy on course. After the game we had lunch and prize giving at the club – many thanks to Peter May who donated RM100 to the kitty for lunch.


Some good scores today which is expected at this course. The winner of the March monthly trophy was Bernard Romahn with an 81 for 43 points ocb from runner up Mahmud Mohamed with 85 for 43. 3rd place was Geoff McLaws with best gross of the day 77 for 42 points. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.25.34 PM




Results – Staffield Country Resort – 26th January 2016



Some lessons learned.

  1. More than 6 flights is difficult to manage. 6 flights will be the max in future.
  2. Latecomers disrupt registration. 7:30 is 7:30…..LATESTIn future registration will not be delayed to accommodate late comers.
  3. Slow play needs to be addressed. If you start to fall behind speed up your play. Keep in touch with the flight in front.

Having got that off my chest I can report that 27 LC’s teed it up at Staffield in cool conditions that gradually warmed up as the round progressed, but with relatively low humidity and a strong breeze that was a full club in the later stages, the conditions could not have been better. The course was in good nick as usual at Staffield; the only complaint registered was a preponderance of unrepaired footprints in some bunkers. This of course is not something Staffield ground staff can control. It’s a Malaysian golf disease that is catered for in the KLLC local rulesRead them!

When choosing a venue for any of our games I make a point of asking if they have any other large groups or competitions registered at the same time. Staffield told me that they had a 12 flight comp at 12:30 but made no mention of the 10 to 12 flight group with a 08:30 tee time. (They claimed that this was a later registration and were slotted in AFTER us.) Despite protests by yours truly this restricted us to a one tee start. This, together with some slow play by one of our flights, ensured that the last flight didn’t complete their round until about 2pm………6 hours after the first flight teed off.

This results in disruption of the lunch with the early flights having to wait a long time for the late comers to arrive. Fortunately yesterday the first 9 lunch takers (flights 1,2 & 3)ordered their grub and kept a separate bill. Good thinking guys. 

The WINNER of the January Trophy was Andrew Robinson with 93 for 42 points. Second place was Ted Parslow with 83 for 38 points and the lowest gross was a magnificent 76 by Jason Winter which included a double on the first after driving OB. Bernhard Romahn carded an 82 for 41 points but was disqualified for carrying 15 clubs in his bag; a breach of the rules that he has previously been cautioned about. We play to the rules guys.

The full results are attached.

Lunch was at East of Highway with 21 attendees but due to the long delay between the first and last arrivals (almost two and a half hours) many had eaten and left before the presentation. Not very satisfactory but understandable.

Next week’s game is at Kinrara GC which is a TP course

The following week is tentatively Kota Permai subject to confirmation of their CNY package and availability. (Yes, we will play on Tuesday if KP is available.)


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.45.03 PM