Results – Nilai Springs – 13th April 2010

14 players (12 Cannons & 2 guests) turned out for the Nilai Springs game which is OK considering that a few regulars were holidaying with the family and a couple of others were sick. NS was in good condition with the greens on the Pines 9 much faster than the Island 9. Hot and very humid conditions got the better of several players including Klaus who complained bitterly about the weather saying he “completed the last few holes like a zombie” but still managed to return his handicap!

The clear winner with 42 points was Rein Le Tan, clearly rejuvenated now that his gearbox is performing well. Rein Le, you are cut 6 strokes. Runner up was guest Siegie with 37 points but the member R/U was Klaus with 36 points. Cut 1 stroke. Someone made the comment that they couldn’t remember this ruling being applied in the past. Well, we are not in the past so get used to it.

The lowest gross was our other guest Frances with an excellent 85.

This was the last Cannons game this year for David Hughes and we wish him bon voyage back to the frozen north. David donated a bottle of Black Label to the winner.

The M&M bill came to a modest RM545 and after all the cash in hand was donated (including Rein Le’s winnings) everyone coughed up RM20. The change plus RM160 which I owed (because I came out without my wallet) means that a hefty RM180 goes into the kitty. We will need to spend some of this soon.
Many thanks to Klaus Kretzschmar for the photographs.

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