Next Game – Rahman Putra Tuesday 27th April 2010

Heads up Cannons
The TROPHY GAME next Tuesday, 27th April 2010, will be at RAHMAN PUTRA.
Tee off at 08:00. Be there by 07:30 LATEST.

Although he doesn’t say so, I am sure Mike would wish you to inform him if you intend to play!!

This is not a TP course, but the beer is cheap and the food is quite good, so I assume results announcement & M&M will take place at the Club!

Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia is indeed one of the most unique club in the country. It was established through envisaging a club fostering admirable and commendable social consciousness, goodwill, community spirit and healthy living through active sports and recreational participation.

This 36-holes golf course that spreads over 279 acres of land is interlaced with some 30 acres of shimmering lakes and reflects golfing experience at its utmost grandeur. Enhanced with natural landscape, undulating terrain, out-crops, bunkers and dips, the course poses a unique challenge for golfers of all standards.


2 thoughts on “Next Game – Rahman Putra Tuesday 27th April 2010

  1. Anonymous

    Mike has repeatedly said he is not interested in advance information who wants to play. He says whoever turns up plays even if that may piss off one or two who feel the extra few Ringgit may ruin their day!


  2. Quote from 'anonymous' Alias Ray “Fag Ash” Funnell!!

    My Response:
    Bullshit….On the contrary Mike has always ask to be informed if one wishes to play, as he (and any convenor) needs to know roughly how many flights to book, it is only since he re-inherited the 'convenorship' that he has not asked “let me know if you wish to play”.

    Tell me to my face on Tuesday!!


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