Results – Bangi Golf Club – 17th August 2010

Nine players turned up for the game at Bangi on August 17th. Hopefully no one turned up on the 18th – which was the date on the original announcement!

Being true golfing “professionals” we took one look at the short white tees and decided, almost to a man, to play off the blues. As the scores indicate this was a woeful idea and should never, ever be repeated!!

The course was generally OK with the exception of the bunkers. Those which were not full of water had hard compacted sand which made play difficult to say the least and led to questions being asked about playing the ball as it lies.

Anyway, out of the nine 4 broke 100 – albeit with three players on 99.

The winner was Zack Preston with a fine 95 for 35 points following up on his second place last week. Second was Ian Geekie 99 for 32 points. Zack is cut 4 and Ian 1. Best gross was also returned by Zack and I played most golf again with 118.


1. Zack Preston            95      35 points
2. Ian Geekie               99      33
3. Bernhard Rohman    99      31
4. Hans Berger             99      29
5. Kevin Wigg             100     24
6. Andrew Robinson    104     22
7= Glen Wombwell      107     19
7= Dick Staufer           116     19
9  Mike Hughes           118     12

Lunch was taken at the Club as the fees included food vouchers.

Report By Mike Hughes

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