Results – Tasik Puteri – Monday 30th August

7 golfers assembled at Tasik Puteri for the August Medal. Erol dropping out at the last minute due to illness. We played the Tasik nine first followed by Putera. The greens were very poor, in particular on the Putera nine. Cannons should seriously consider not playing here again until the greens have been fixed.

Barry Cousins won the trophy with a gross of 97 and 43 points (after bonus point adjustment) Hans Berger was runner up with 92 for 40 points. After deducting bonus points Barry will be cut 4 and Hans 1. Best gross was Hans (92) and most golf was me with 112. (A fitting end to my Cannons career!!)


1. Barry Cousins                  97 gross                43 points
2. Hans Berger                    92                         40
3. Ray Funnell                     98                         35
4. Vincent Vijayan              104                         33
5. Ian Geekie                     102                         31
6. Mike Hughes                  112                         30
7. Glen Wombwell              103                         28    

Four of us proceeded to Equatorial for M&M but were joined by Andrew, Dick and Mike Smith where we enjoyed a good lunch and liquid refreshments. The highlight (for me) was Barry Cousins awarding me his trophy – for not receiving a prize at Bukit Utama on my only win in over 60 appearances. Whatever the reason the gesture was very much appreciated and will leave me with a good memento of Loose Cannons.

Finally, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed playing with the group over the last two years and will try to get out again when I return to KL on holiday.

Mike will be appointing another temp convenor and, hopefully, will soon be out and about on the course with you.

Report by Mike Hughes

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