Results – Kajang Hills – 25th October 2011

Cannons all,
14 LC’s took on Kajang Hill all wondering how much longer this lovely track will be available to us. The staff know nothing on the closure date and we can only hope that the course will continue to be maintained and we can play it at least once more before the bulldozers move in.
After overnight rain the morning dawned clear and became quite hot before clouding over later. The course was in generally good condition and the greens were nice and true although here and there the first signs of neglect could be seen. Inevitable I guess.
Ben Webb playing off a legitimate handicap of 15 was the winner with an 85 for 38 points plus 3 bonus points for total of 41 points. Ted Parslow was runner-up OCB with 39 points and 1 bonus point making 40 with John Laidley third OCB with 38 plus 2 bonus points. Ben is cut 4 strokes and Ted 1 stroke. Ted and John both returned 79’s for joint lowest gross and Alan played the most golf.
M&M was taken at the club since it’s part of the package and it was OK.

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