Results – Nilai Springs – 29th November 2011

Cannons all,
The day didn’t start well with my alarm going off at 7am instead of the intended 6am and it didn’t improve much as I hooked my first drive OB kind of setting the trend for most of the next 17 holes. But if my problems were bad they paled into insignificance compared to Andre who spent most of the morning touring south Selangor visiting places like Kajang, Putrajaya, Staffield and Nilai old town en route to joining us at the 9th. And to make matters worse he paid for his round TWICE. Andre. You owe Erol RM100.
NS was in good condition and with buggy on fairways for the most part the 12 LC’s were all round in good time. The winner of the Monthly Medal was Bernhard Romahn with 38 points off the stick and 4 bonus points giving him a total of 42 points. The runner-up was Tony Morris with 37 & 4 for 41. The best gross was shot by Ted Parslow with 83 and the most golf was played by Alan Holegate. Bernhard is cut 4 and Tony 1. The full results and your adjusted H/C’s can be found in tha attachment.
A word on Handicapping. Simon claimed that his H/C, advised as 19, should have been 20 since he played off 19 last week. In my haste to get to the first tee I had left the Data Sheet in my locker so couldn’t dispute this. Simon, you were capped at 20; your USGA H/C being 17.
Tony protested that he should not have come second since Ray Funnell also had 37 off the stick and 27 on the back 9. Unfortunately Tony, the monthly medal game uses the “Bonus Points” to calculate the positions and on that basis you were second and you are indeed cut 1.
A LOOSE CANNONS Milestone. Last week Andrew Robinson became the first Loose Cannon to reach 250 games which I’m sure you will agree is a significant achievement. In recognition of this a small ‘one off” award is being arranged and will be presented to Andrew later this month.
Watch this space for next weeks game.

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