Results – Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club – 28th August 2012

Cannons all.
22 LC’s assembled at a very wet Nilai Springs on Tuesday morning to decide the Champion for August.
Over the years we have had few weather disruptions on a Tuesday morning and only one washout; that was many years ago at nearby Staffield, and so sitting in the clubhouse with the rain falling like stair rods from lead grey sky a certain amount of pessimism was gathering. But by 8 o’clock it started to ease up and by 8:20 we were making our way to the tee. Intermittent rain continued through the first 9 but later gave way to pleasant overcast conditions.
Historically Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club is one of the best maintained tracks we play but I’m sorry to report that this was not the case yesterday. In fact the course was in the poorest condition I have seen it for several years. Not bad you understand…..just poor by Nilai Springs standards. However, I’m sure they will get it back into shape fairly quickly. The dry weather in July and early August had dried out the new herring bone drainage that was recently installed and so several of the fairways had strips of brown grass and they needed a hair cut. The greens were slow, mainly because of the early morning rain which prevented them being cut, and the Pines greens had been recently hollow tined, probably just before Ramadan with poor follow up treatment and so they were very uneven and patchy. Not at all what we have become used to at Nilai Springs.
With few other golfers on the course early on we were round in good time with 20 players gathering for lunch in the clubhouse which was up to the expected standard. The only complaint being the extraordinarily long time it took to prepare my fish & chips. I know that Dory is a farmed fish from Vietnam but I had no idea that they actually had to go there to collect it!! 
The winner of the August Trophy was Vincent Vijayan with 43 points off the stick plus 3 bonus points for a total of 46. The runner-up was Siegmund  with 41 points.The lowest gross was shared by the 2 Geoff’s; Parslow & McLaws with 81 and the most golf was played by newcomer Allan McNicoll with 122. Vincent is cut 7 strokes and Siegi 1 stroke.


 Rick Brown may be difficult to recognise when looking at his new fresh-faced look …. but you only need to check out his shorts to confirm that it’s Rick. Mike Smith as always … counting the money.

 A rainy, wet start to the day

 Bob Simpson hits over the water … yes he did get it over.

 Tony Morris takes cover under his umbrella as the rain persists.

 Tony belts one out in his usual quick fashion. As I noted he is usually picking up his tee before his backswing is even complete!

You can’t see the wood for the trees .. in this case I can’t use my wood for the trees! 

Luckily the greens were exceedingly slow otherwise this putt of mine would have rolled past the hole and down the slope towards the water. 

 Richard Moss didn’t make it today …. but he was in our thoughts.

 The buggy tracks were somewhat waterlogged in places
 Bob Simpson’s secret weapon …. The SkyCaddie …. didn’t appear to help him much!

Nearing the end of the round …. thank goodness

A beautiful panorama on the last hole with Tony Morris waiting till the green clears


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