Results – KGSAAS – 16th April 2013


23 players turned out in excellent golfing conditions, got hotter later on, and we played the Alam Shah and Presidents 9s. The president 9 has recently been reopened and the greens were very ” new” and sandy, and compared to Alam Shah very slow. 

The winner on the day, Erol Akinci with 94 for 44 points, which after the cut of 8 brings his h/cap to more normal levels… Second place was Kevin Wiggins with 86 for 43 points, on count back from Andrew Robinson. Kevin cut only 1. Lowest gross was Geoff Mclaws with an excellent 78.

It was Andre’s last game with us , for a while, as he is going back to Scandanavia . He kindly donated 4 sleeve of balls for the NTPs.  

The winners were:

Hole 2  Gordon Wingate  4 metres

Hole 8 Vincent Vijayan 2.5 metres

Hole 11Erol Akinci  16 metres

Hole 15 Geoff Mclaws

Also Taffy, after not such a good trip this year, with his health issues,leaves us for the cold fairways of N. Wales.   We all look forward to both of you returning back to LC s and KL as soon as you can.

We also welcomed Hans Berger’s son Tommy who joined us on the day.



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