Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch – Coliseum Cafe – 9th December 2013

15 Loose Cannons turned up for the annual revelry at the Coliseum Cafe to celebrate Xmas. Pre-drinks in the Coliseum Bar were partaken, then we all quickly adjourned to the back dining room, tactfully placed behind some dark screens to continue the festivities. Lunch comprised prawn cocktail, “Desperate Dan” style steak pie with mash potatoes then apple pie and ice cream … all washed down with copious quantities of wine.

Entertainment was provided by each LC member who took turns to recite stories or jokes or songs. Xmas hats, poppers and fake snow was in abundance to add to the festive atmosphere. All in all a predictable but enjoyable event and many thanks to Andrew Robinson for making the necessary arrangements.

Based on the newly instigated USGA handicaps within the society and the effective online system for calculating this Allan McNicoll was proudly presented with a prize for the “Most Improved ” Golfer for  2013. This was based on scores from 1st March 2013 till December – next year we can calculate this on a full year basis and we will have another exciting prize for this most coveted award.

A few photos and video below sadly demonstrate the child-like behaviour by all of the Loose Cannons attendees at the Xmas lunch …..

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