Results – Bukit Unggul – 23rd December 2013


We were lucky with the weather again, and the course had dried out and buggies were on course. BU  as as picturesque as ever, but as always falls short in other areas…. Ted and Geoff had the opportunity of talking to May Wong during the lunch….!! 
“Falls short in other areas” is polite and does not explain fully the course conditions at Bukit Unggul ….. The course was in appalling condition with large swathes of uncut rough impinging on the fairway, large gouged holes and washouts on the fairways, and the greens as usual were abysmal – bumpy, covered in sand and all the edges rough and sandy. This course is sadly in a large downward spiral with a lack of funds being available for routine standard maintenance – this will have a significant effect of putting off golfers playing there and hence further reducing revenue. Unless a cash injection is made this course will sadly only become worse.
Tony had arranged the lunch, which was good and washed down by wine, kindly donated by Erol, apparently John L had been very generous on wine deliveries , during his stay with Erol…! The club also bought two jugs and a bottle of wine. A good time was had by all. The winner was Tony Morris with 88 for 39 points, cut 4. In second place was Graham Cadman, finally returning to the “rostrum” with 98 for 38 points, cut 1. 



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