Results – Port Klang Golf Resort – 4th March 2014


After playing round Port Klang golf course today I am at a loss as to how this course can refer to itself as a “Golf Resort”. It is by far the worst course we have played on during my time with Loose Cannons and between myself and my partners we could not find one redeeming feature about this course. There is obviously no money being spent at all on routine maintenance …. the tees were so bad it would have been better to tee up in the rough, the fairways were full of ruts and had patches of severe rough growing out of the “fairway” …… and the greens were abysmal – mossy, spongy, SLOW, eroded, uncut, uneven … the fairways I played on at KGPA last week were in far better condition than the greens here at Port Klang. The turf mates were in a shocking state of repair and with the large ruts across the course it was a real adventure (torture) to navigate each hole. 3 of the turf mates broke down during our round.
The weather and bad haze added more gloom and doom to our day out and by the end of the first 9 it was pouring – only positive thing if we can at least try to find one …. is the fact that Allan McNicoll smiled as he got to try out his new tropical rain jacket. The smile was short lived as we had to rough it back to the clubhouse on the last few holes in the heavy rain.
It cleared slightly so after a 5 minute break at the club (shack!) a few of us soldiered on for more punishment on the other 9 holes. The front 9 (we played the back 9 first) were in marginally better condition but not enough to warrant on the “passable golf course scale”.
As a group I feel we need to delete this course from our playing roster as it really does not come close to a playing standard we should be enjoying (even at our standard of golf). Also it’s a fair distance to this course for most and the seafood restaurant we normally retire to after the game seems to have declined in its quality and standards. many thanks to Ian Dickson who chipped in RM200 as a farewell gesture as he’s heading off to UK for a few months …. perhaps the rain of today would get him in the mood for Old Blighty weather!
Out of 16 starters only 8 players managed to finish a complete round …. some smart players retired after 4 or 5 holes. The winner of today, returning after a 2 week China trip, was Glen Wombwell with 101 for 37 points and second place was shared by Martin Walsh, Mike Williams, Ian Dickson and Allan McNicoll all at 32 points. It was certainly good to see a high handicap player winning particularly under such arduous conditions as we experienced today …. well done Glen!


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