Results – Staffield – 30th December 2014

Given all the rain over the last few days and many cases of bad flooding it was a surprise his morning to get a clear few hours in a pleasant and cool air to complete our last Loose Cannons game for the year. Staffield was in good condition considering al the rain we have suffered and although the greens were slow on the first 9 by the second 9 they were running a lot faster.
We had 14 players on the day with unfortunately 2 no shows at the last minute so it was 2 x 3-balls and 2 x 4 balls. We were all back in the clubhouse by about 1pm as it was fairly leisurely getting around due to other slower 4 balls in front.
7 of the players made it to an excellent lunch at East of the Highway Restaurant with Richard Moss joining us. Iain Wise celebrating his 100th game kindly fronted up the drinks money – thank you Iain.
The winner with an excellent 42 points (gross of 88 was Jeff Pearce who was duly awarded the December Trophy. Runner up was Iain Wise with 39 points (92 gross).
We had two players who did not turn in scores so it must be reminded that each flight should ensure that their scores be submitted. Ideally one member of the flight should be responsible for compiling all the scores on one card for ease of submission.
It must also be mentioned to all players that if there any dispute or contention of scores or question of any rules infringement at any point during the game that this should be resolved by the players in that flight at that time and on the hole in question. If this cannot be resolved by the players then the issue should be raised to the Convenor after the game. There is is no point in trying to deal with an incorrect score or rules infringement at a later stage. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


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