Results – Danau Golf Club – 4th August 2015

It was quite busy at Danau this morning but after an efficient and problem free check in we all teed off at around 8:10 to 8:30 from the 1st 9. The first 3 holes at this course are very testing and the tough nature of this course was certainly obvious in the scores posted. Conditions were good, the weather relatively cool and the course was in good condition. Greens were very tricky though especially with the slopes and quite fast speed – on one green all 4 of us putted off the green! This is a relatively cheap course as well making it quite an economical outing.
We retired to the Restoran East of the Highway post game for some great food and much needed cold beers. We gave our thoughts of speedy recovery to Mike Smith as we tucked into our special plate of spare ribs a’ la Smith!


Scores were not dramatic today as expected at this course with only one player breaking his handicap. The winner with 37 points (gross of 98) was Brian Stubbs and the runner up was Barry Cousins with an on-handicap round of 36 points (gross of 102). Best gross of the day was Stuart Taylor with an 88. Full results below:


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